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Gaudi image rules

Something is wrong here - pictures that Gaudi does not allow: Children in the picture (also photos in the background); People other than the profile owner with their face face / genitals revealed in the picture; Gender does not match profile owner; Very falsified images with an unrecognizable profile owner; Contact details (email address, telephone number etc.); Advertising (URLs etc.); Rank badges on police or military uniforms, as well as any symbolism or imitation of military emblems.; Caviar (stool) and blood; Political or religious, unconstitutional statements; Weapons, insults; According to the profile information, person does not match the profile owner; Image is taken from the internet; Celebrity in the photo; Nickname can be seen in the picture (cannot be compared with profile names); In general, on Gaudi it applies that you agree to these rules when you upload pictures / video; Our employees work according to these rules - if one of above criteria is met, your picture / video will not be released. We ask for your understanding.; You can find more information about the current image regulations on Gaudi in our knowledge base at: fake photo, illegal images and adult images.

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