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Gaudi Groups

What are Gaudi Groups?

With your Gaudi Groups we connect you with like-minded people. Exchange ideas, share your interests and make new friends. Our groups can be private, i.e. closed, or public and can be created for all kinds of interests and topics.

Where can I find the groups in the app?

You can find the groups under the "Find" tab, at the top of the list the groups will appear. You can find the groups you are a member or owner of in the settings (small avatar on the far right) under: "My groups".

Of course you can also search for a group. Just enter the search term as usual and scroll through the results ;-)

How can I join a group?

You can either click directly on the small "Join" button next to the group name in the group overview or you can click on the group directly and land in the first group view. There you can also click on "Join".

To leave the group just go the other way round ;-)

How can I create a group in the app?

This is not possible at the moment. But you can find your group(s) in the app and carry them with you, find and keep contacts and always be up to date. If you want to create a group please use our web login.

How can I report a violation in a group?

Is something not going right in the group? You can easily report it to the support team. Click on the three small dots next to the post/image and select the appropriate option.

You can find more information in the FAQ in the Gaudi Chat & Group Guidelines.

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